Motorcycle Trip In North Greece

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Discover magical Greece on a motorcycle tour with Kafri Drive!

In this adventure, we will introduce you to the beautiful northern part of the country.

Northern Greece stretches from the east of the region of Thrace along with Macedonia to Macedonia to the western part of the province of EPIRUS.

7 of the 10 highest mountains in Greece are located in northern Greece and among them is the famous Mount Olympus in the Hanging Province which rises to an altitude of 2917 and close. The longest river in Greece is also found in northern Greece.

A spectacular area of ​​wildlife with springs, streams, waterfalls, high mountains, and Vikos Canyon – the highest canyon in the world.

twisty roads, breathtaking views, amazing food, and great hospitality by the locals – get ready for an experience you’ll never forget!

Our motorcycle fleet is very diverse:

Whether you are a beginner and you’re looking for a friendly machine like the BMW G 310 GS, or maybe you like the adventure feeling – then you’ll probably want to hop on the YAMAHA TENERE 700 OR THE BMW 850 GS… Or maybe, you have to have the best of the best… Then we have the right machine for you… The king of motorcycles, the BMW 1250 GS.

We have a bike for everyone!


This is not the usual island vacation – it’s a completely different and exciting way to discover this beautiful country.

About us: When we first arrived in Greece, in 2001, we immediately fell in love. The views, the people, the FOOD! This was a special place. Today, we can say with certainty that no company offers a unique adventure as we do – with more than 20 years of experience we know all the secret spots, the best places to eat & drink, and all the people you should know if you want to create a once in a lifetime experience in Greece.

The most fun, exciting, and stimulating experience of your life is about to begin – and you can be a part of it. The motorcycle tour you’ve always dreamed of is at your fingertips


Day 1 – Set off

Our journey starts with a 180 km ride on a highway with a great scenic view. We’ll stop for lunch at Kamena Vourla beach.

After lunch we will continue riding towards the monument in Thermopylae – the monument commemorates the Battle of Trumpelay from 480 BC, in which the Persian Empire attacked the Hellenistic alliance led by Sparta, in a heroic battle where the Persians defeated the Greeks. We will have a short stop here to see the monument and take photos.

We will continue riding to Karpenisi – the capital of the region of Abertania, in central Greece. The beautiful area is called the “Switzerland of Greece” due to the beautiful nature, mountains, rivers, and forests of fir trees on the peaks.

Depending on the progress of the ride we will try to include a visit to the Proussos Monastery – the monastery is built on a cliff known as the “House of Mary” with a staircase leading to a natural water source known as “Holy Water”. According to popular belief, this water cures any disease.

We will have dinner at a special tavern in the area.


Day 2 – A 260 km riding day full of twists and turns that culminate in reaching the monasteries that hang in the Meteora.

We will set off in the morning and ride from the Karpenisi area and ride to Lake Plastiras. It is an artificial lake in central Greece, north of the Agrafa region. The artificial lake was created in the 1950s to regulate the flow of water that rose from the river and flooded the valley.

The city of Karditsa is the largest city near the lake. Riding along the lake provides a beautiful scenic view and allows stopping points for observation and photography.

We will stop for lunch at one of the recommended taverns in the area.

We will continue riding towards Meteora – huge vertical rocks. There are many explanations for the formation of those rocks. One explanation is that these giant rocks fell from the sky and are not related to matter found on Earth hence the name Meteora. The Monks that found this place thought it was an ideal place for building monasteries; they built-in places to which access is extremely difficult, and far from any locality. Moving equipment to these detached points seems impossible. Our schedule includes a stop to see the amazing views of this place and a visit to one or more of the monasteries in the area.

At night we will stay in one of the recommended hotels in the area.

Day 3 – Matzuvo, Epirus, Vikos Canyon

We will leave Kalambaka to visit the alpine village of Metsovo – the village is close to popular ski resorts and is one of the most visited villages in Greece. The population is made up of about 3,500 Wallachians. The Wallachians are an ethnic-Latin group from the eastern Balkans and have a dialect identical to the Romanian language. The villagers were badly damaged in the Balkan wars, and the place was liberated from Turkish rule in 1912. The villagers are known for their woodwork and embroidery as well as the cheeses they produce.

We will continue riding in the Zagoria region, and we will reach the village of Kipi – the village became famous thanks to the ancient and beautiful bridges located around it over the river channels that surround the village. The Three Arches Bridge is one of them, another is the Plakidas Bridge, and also the largest bridge in the area surrounding the village of Kokoro’s.

After riding in the area we will continue riding in the Zagoria region west of the Epirus area, the area bordering Albania called in Greek “Zagorchoria”.

Towards the end of the day, we will reach the Vikos Canyon – the canyon cuts the chain of the Pindus and Epirus mountains – a natural phenomenon that creates wild and amazing spectacles. Vikos Canyon is actually the second deepest channel in the world, right after the Grand Canyon located in the US. This is why some call Vikos Canyon the “Greek Grand Canyon”.

We will spend the night evening in the town of Ioannina.


Day 4 – Nafpaktos, Corinth Bay

The fourth day of our trip will be dedicated to enjoying the sea; a day of beaches, swimming in the sea and riding on the winding roads.

Lunch will be held at Mango Beach which is considered the most sought-after beach among the young people of Greece.

We will ride on the coastal road and pass through a tunnel built under the sea.

At the end of the day, we will reach the town of Nafpaktos which is about a 10-minute drive from the Gulf of Corinth.


Day 5 – Delphi, Arachova, Athens

We will start by getting on the motorcycles in the area at 8:00 in the morning and ride to the old city of Delphi. According to ancient Greek belief, Delphi is the center of the world. The ancient Greek myths say that Zeus sent the eagles that located this place. Here sat the oracle from Delphi; the oracle was very important in the days of classical Greece. Delphi is an important site for believers of El Apollo. At the temple at Delphi, an eternal fire burned. The city has many archeological sites. We will visit the centers where the remains of the ancient theater are located.

The city is on the road towards the town of Arachova. The town of Arachova is a beautiful town near Delphi and in the winter season, it is a ski town. Arachova is recommended to visit all year round.

We will continue riding to Athens to return the motorcycles.

Graduation party at a tavern in Athens.

Price includes Tourist bus for transfers on the first and last day. Motorcycle High-class countryside hotels with double rooms.Breakfast + DinnerEntrance fee to all the sites on the trip. Kafri Drive professional tour guide, A logistics truck will accompany the trip
Price does not include Flights Medical insurance and cargo insurance. personal expenses .Lunch, Drinks at lunch and dinner. Payment for possible damage to the vehicle if it occurs. Fuel expenses throughout the trip (about €20 per day per vehicle).
Motorcycle Insurance Comprehensive insurance can be purchased with a self-limited company limit of 1000 euros
General terms and insurance It is mandatory to purchase medical insurance that includes the addition of an extreme clause It is mandatory to have and bring with you a passport valid for at least six months (from the date of departure from the country). It is mandatory to .purchase medical insurance and cargo insurance It is recommended to book the insurance, according to the dates of the trip, on the day of the booking, to ensure cancellation of participation for recognized reasons in the insurance. A minimum of 12 riders is required for the trip to take place. Payment can be done by cash or by credit card in shekels according to the highest check rate on the day of booking.
Cancellation policy Our company does everything to ensure that you will get a unique and unforgettable experience warm personal treatment, and quality guidance, however, our company reserves the right to make changes to the itineraries and details below as needed due to availability, weather conditions, and other changes that do not depend on us, weather conditions, malfunctions and instructions from the Greek authorities, etc. Cancellation fees -14 days from the date of booking - following the Consumer Protection Law. Up to 60 workdays before departure, the entire amount will be refunded except for the deposit paid to suppliers that will not be refunded (Visa payment, flights, down payment for rented vehicles, down payment for hotels, transfer fees, etc.) 30 to 10 working days before the departure date, a refund of 50% of the trip price if any were paid during this period (Visa payment, flights, down payment for rented vehicles, down payment for hotels, transfer fees, etc.) This amount will be deducted from the refund. Cancellation of a trip less than 10 working days before leaving for the trip - no refund! Refunds for the cancellation of a trip will be made within 60 working days from the date of receipt of the written notice of cancellation.
Meals Breakfast will be served at the hotel. Lunch - depending on the route and the weather. Some lunches will be served as a picnic and some in local taverns.*Lunch not included in the price of the tripDinners - Most dinners will be in taverns with an emphasis on a varied menu in each restaurant.Dinner includes a starter, main course, side dish, and one soft drink per person - not including alcoholic beverages.
COVID-19 Regulations Please make sure to check Covid-19 restrictions in your country
Equipment It is recommended to bring your own riding gear - a full-face helmet, jacket, gloves, and shoes. Waterproof gear is highly recommended.
The route The route of the trip on the first and last day depends on the flight hours, arrival in the destination country, and departure time accordingly. Kafri Drive reserves the right to change the itineraries following the guide's decision and/or due to constraints and instructions: light hours, weather, vehicle malfunctions, blocked / dangerous roads, local instructions, etc.



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