Motorcycle Trip In Greece – Peloponnese

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Discover magical Greece on a motorcycle tour with Kafri Drive!

In this adventure, we will introduce you to the Peloponnese peninsula. Located in the southern part of Greece.

The island of Peloponnese is divided in two by the Corinth Canal. The landscape of the peninsula is spectacular, as it changes constantly from beaches with golden sand and azure waters to high mountains, dense forests and huge lakes. There are also historical sites, picturesque villages, taverns, caves and ancient monasteries on the peninsula. A must-see destination!

twisty roads, breathtaking views, amazing food and great hospitality by the locals – get ready for an experience you’ll never forget!

Our motorcycle fleet is very diverse:

Whether you are a beginner and you’re looking for a friendly machine like the BMW G 310 GS, or maybe you like the adventure feeling – then you’ll probably want to hop on the YAMAHA TENERE 700 OR THE BMW 850 GS… Or maybe, you have to have the best of the best… Then we have the right machine for you… The king of motorcycles, the BMW 1250 GS.

We have a bike for everyone!


This is not the usual island vacation – it’s a completely different and exciting way to discover this beautiful country.

About us: When we first arrived in Greece, in 2001, we immediately fell in love. The views, the people, the FOOD! This was a special place. Today, we can say with certainty that no company offers a unique adventure as we do – with more than 20 years of experience we know all the secret spots, the best places to eat & drink, and all the people you should know if you want to create a once in a lifetime experience in Greece.

The most fun, exciting, and stimulating experience of your life is about to begin – and you can be a part of it. The motorcycle tour you’ve always dreamed of is at your fingertips


Day 1 – Corinth Canal, Nafplio

On the first day, we will arrive in the morning at the rental company’s offices, get organized on the motorcycles, and set off. We will ride on special roads and pass through the famous Corinth Canal.

The Corinth Canal is a water canal in Greece which crosses the mainland of Corinth and connects the Gulf of Saroni with the Gulf of Corinth.

The canal was dug between 1881 and 1893 and it shortens the distance from the Adriatic Sea to Piraeus by 320 kilometers.

The canal is about 6.3 kilometers long, 21 meters wide at the bottom, and 25 meters at the top. Water depth 8 meters

At night we will stay in Nafplio – a port town in the Peloponnese in Greece, in the northernmost part of the Gulf of Argolis.

It served as the first capital of modern Greece from 1829 – during the Greek War of Independence, until 1834.

The ancient city of Nafplio is built mostly on a peninsula that juts out into the Bay of Argolis and forms a small bay convenient for mooring called the Gulf of Nafplio


Day 2 – Monemvasia

On the second day after breakfast at the hotel, we will head to the ancient city of Monambasia in the southeastern Peloponnese which is one of the famous tourist destinations of southern Greece.

Monemvasia is located on a huge cliff rock jutting out of the sea, and the old city, part of which is beautifully restored, is built right on the cliff. Among its narrow and picturesque alleys are wonderful shops, cafes, and Greek taverns overlooking the sea.

Above the old city rises a fortress, or rather remnants of the fortress, and the climbers among you can climb all the way up to gain a breathtaking view of the red roofs of the old city against the backdrop of the blue sea.

Day 3 – Kalamata

On the third day after a pleasant wake-up call, the sailors and boats rode to Kalamata – the second largest city on the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece, and the largest city in the Peloponnese province. The city serves as the administrative capital of the Sinai Regional Unit and is the main port.
Get ready for fish meals fit for royalty and the best food in the area.


Day 4 – Tricella Corinthians

On the fourth day of the ride, we will go to Trikala Corinthians, which is a special and interesting area. Scenically it seems to combine Tuscany in Italy with the mountains and lakes of Switzerland, just like that.
This is the most spectacular area for hiking in the Greek Peloponnese,
What there is here is mostly nature, nature, and nature and also fine food and excellent wineries


Day 5 – Athens

On the fifth day of the journey, we will set off on a ride towards the capital, Athens. We will pass through the Corinth Canal again and cross it this time by riding back to Athens. We will continue on the roads with an amazing view of the sea and bays.

At night we will sleep in Athens, but not before having a beautiful and sumptuous graduation party in Nikos’ tavern.


Day 6 – Free day

We will dedicate the sixth day of the trip to shopping and a trip around beautiful Athens.
It is recommended to visit one of the motorcycle equipment stores and renew with equipment at low European prices.
After shopping, we will get on the flight home.

Price includes Tourist bus for transfers on the first and last day. Motorcycle High-class countryside hotels with double rooms.Breakfast + DinnerEntrance fee to all the sites on the trip. Kafri Drive professional tour guide, A logistics truck will accompany the trip
Price does not include Medical insurance and cargo insurance. “Extreme” insurance - mandatory! personal expenses.LunchDrinks at lunch and dinner. Payment for possible damage to the vehicle if it occurs. There is an option to purchase damage insurance for 30€ per day, per vehicle for the entire trip (excluding tires) Fuel expenses throughout the trip (about €20 per day per vehicle).
Motorcycle Insurance It is possible to purchase motorcycle damage insurance at a cost of 20 euros per day, peace week with the rental company b. In this case, the maximum deductible for damage to the motorcycle is 1000 euros (relevant to all motorcycle types).
General terms and insurance It is possible to purchase damage insurance for 30€ per day, payment is made to the rental company in Greece. In this case, the maximum deductible cost for damage to the vehicle will be 1000 €. It is mandatory to have and bring with you a passport valid for at least six months (from the date of departure from the country). It is mandatory to .purchase medical insurance and cargo insurance It is recommended to book the insurance, according to the dates of the trip, on the day of the booking, to ensure cancellation of participation for recognized reasons in the insurance. A minimum of 12 riders is required for the trip to take place. Payment can be done by cash or by credit card in shekels according to the highest check rate on the day of booking.
Cancellation policy Our company does everything to ensure that you will get a unique and unforgettable experience warm personal treatment, and quality guidance, however, our company reserves the right to make changes to the itineraries and details below as needed due to availability, weather conditions, and other changes that do not depend on us, weather conditions, malfunctions and instructions from the Greek authorities, etc. Cancellation fees -14 days from the date of booking - following the Consumer Protection Law. Up to 30 workdays before departure, the entire amount will be refunded except for the deposit paid to suppliers that will not be refunded (Visa payment, flights, down payment for rented vehicles, down payment for hotels, transfer fees, etc.) 20 to 10 working days before the departure date, a refund of 50% of the trip price if any were paid during this period (Visa payment, flights, down payment for rented vehicles, down payment for hotels, transfer fees, etc.) This amount will be deducted from the refund. Cancellation of a trip less than 10 working days before leaving for the trip - no refund! Refunds for the cancellation of a trip will be made within 60 working days from the date of receipt of the written notice of cancellation.
Meals Breakfast will be served at the hotel. Lunch - depending on the route and the weather. Some lunches will be served as a picnic and some in local taverns.*Lunch not included in the price of the trip Dinners - Most dinners will be in taverns with an emphasis on a varied menu in each restaurant.
COVID-19 Regulations Please make sure to check Covid-19 restrictions in your country
Equipment It is recommended to bring your own riding gear - a full-face helmet, jacket, gloves, and shoes. Waterproof gear is highly recommended.
The route The route of the trip on the first and last day depends on the flight hours, arrival in the destination country, and departure time accordingly. Kafri Drive reserves the right to change the itineraries following the guide's decision and/or due to constraints and instructions: light hours, weather, vehicle malfunctions, blocked / dangerous roads, local instructions, etc.


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