Greece Offroad Experience – 5 days around Karpenisi

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Discover magical Greece on an all-inclusive, off-road experience with Kafri Drive!

5 days trip around Karpenisi – a beautiful town surrounded by scenic views.

For this adventure, we will be using the ultimate off-road vehicle – the Yamaha YXZ 1000 Side By Side Buggy. SBS vehicles offer unparalleled off-road capabilities while being comfortable enough to allow us to get to places that are never visited by any other tourist. It’s so easy to drive an SBS– even if you don’t have any off-road experience.

During the journey, we will cross rivers with crystal-clear waters, see waterfalls flowing from the mountains, climb picturesque ridges at altitudes of 2,000 meters and above, and visit local villages to eat and drink the local produce.

Together we will be exposed to a different kind of Greece – fascinating, exciting, authentic, and wild. A Greece of new scents, unfamiliar sights, warmth, and hospitality of its locals.


This is not the usual island vacation – it’s an exciting new way to discover this beautiful country.

About us: When we first arrived in Greece, in 2001, we immediately fell in love. The views, the people, the FOOD! This was a special place. Today, we can say with certainty that no company offers a unique adventure as we do – with more than 20 years of experience we know all the secret spots, the best places to eat & drink, and all the people you should know if you want to create a once in a lifetime experience in Greece.


Day 1 – Athens – Karpenisi

We will start our trip in Athens, where a bus will be waiting for us to take us to Karpenisi – a picturesque town, surrounded by stunning Greek scenery, in the province of Evrytania, located in the center of the country. The first day of the trip will be spent on a route around Karpenisi, which includes a visit to the Megdovas River, also known as Tavropos – a 78 km long river that emerges from the mountains of the Agrafa region.


Day 2 – Karpenisi – Nafpaktos

We will leave Karpenisi in the direction of Nafpaktos, a town located on the northern side of the Gulf of Corinth – where there is also the famous Corinth Canal, which connects the Peloponnese to the center of the country. We will pass Kokkalia, an alpine mountain area, and stop for a swim in Lake Trichonida – a huge lake of 19 km long with crystal-clear water, where we will also have lunch. From Lake Trichonida we will head to another swimming spot, this time by the Evinos River. We will end the day at a hotel in Nafpaktos.


Day 3 – Nafpaktos- Arachova

We will start the day in Nafpaktos from where we will head towards the town of Arachova, located in a mountainous area that serves as a ski resort during the winter. We will pass through Mornos, a river about 70 km long – in 1979 the construction of a river dam was completed, which created an artificial lake of water with stunning turquoise colors. We will stop for lunch in the seaside town of Galaxidi, climb Mount Giona, which rises to a height of 2,510 meters and return back to Arachova.


Day 4 – Arachova – Karpenisi

From Arachova we will head towards Karpenisi via Mount Parnassus from where we will be able to observe the Gulf of Corinth region and Mount Giona, We will cross the crystal clear waters of the Mornos River and stop for a lunch in the village of Athanasios Diakos named after one of Greece’s senior military commanders. After a lunch that includes the best of the local produce, we will climb Mount Vardousia, which rises to a height of 2,495 meters. We will end the day at a hotel in Karpenisi.


Day 5 – Karpenisi – Athens

On the fifth day of the journey, we will set out from Karpenisi towards the Agrafa Mountains, discover the unknown valley, and stop for lunch at the famous Takis Taverna, where we will taste the best Greek delicacies, particularly fresh trout. After lunch, we will drive along the Agrafiotis River back towards Karpenisi, where we will board the bus and head back to the airport

Price includes Tourist bus for transfers on the first and last day SBS vehicles for each couple + SBS with a guide High-class countryside hotels with double rooms Meals Entrance fee to all the sites on the trip Kafri Drive professional tour guide A logistics truck will accompany the trip
Price does not include Medical insurance and cargo insurance “Extreme” insurance – mandatory! personal expenses Drinks at lunch and dinner Payment for possible damage to the vehicle if it occurs There is an option to purchase damage insurance for 30€ per day, per vehicle for the entire trip (excluding tires) Fuel expenses throughout the trip (about €30 per day per vehicle)
General terms and insurance It is possible to purchase damage insurance for 30€ per day, payment is made to the rental company in Greece. In this case, the maximum deductible cost for damage to the vehicle will be 1000 €. It is mandatory to have and bring with you a passport valid for at least six months (from the date of departure from the country). It is mandatory to purchase medical insurance and cargo insurance with extended coverage It is recommended to book the insurance, according to the dates of the trip, on the day of the booking, to ensure cancellation of participation for recognized reasons in the insurance. A minimum of 16 adult participants and a maximum of 20 participants is required for the trip to take place. Registration for the trip is on a first-come, first-served basis, and is limited to 20 people. The price is a price per person according to the type of currency listed. Payment can be done by cash or by credit card in shekels according to the highest check rate on the day of booking.
Meals Breakfast will be served at the hotel. Lunch – depending on the route and the weather. Some lunches will be served as a picnic and some in local taverns. Dinners – Most dinners will be in taverns with an emphasis on a varied menu in each restaurant. Kosher food – as required, must be reserved in advance when booking
Cancellation policy Our company does everything to ensure that you will get a unique and unforgettable experience with personal treatment, and quality guidance. However, our company reserves the right to make changes to the itineraries and details below as needed due to availability, weather conditions, and other changes that are beyond our control such as weather conditions, malfunctions, instructions from the Greek authorities, etc. Cancellation fees -14 days from the date of booking – following the Consumer Protection Law. Up to 30 workdays before departure, the entire amount will be refunded except for the deposit paid to suppliers that will not be refunded. (Visa payment, flights, down payment for rented vehicles, down payment for hotels, transfer fees, etc.) 20 to 10 working days before the departure date, a refund of 50% of the trip price if any were paid during this period (Visa payment, flights, down payment for rented vehicles, down payment for hotels, transfer fees, etc.) This amount will be deducted from the refund. Cancellation of a trip less than 10 working days before leaving for the trip – no refund! Refunds for the cancellation of a trip will be made within 60 working days from the date of receipt of the written notice of cancellation.
COVID-19 Regulations Please make sure to check Covid-19 restrictions in your country
Equipment The passenger must be equipped with riding equipment, a raincoat. Recommended - gloves, face cover (ninja) / wool hat + neck warmer
The route The route of the trip on the first and last day depends on the flight hours, arrival in the destination country, and departure time accordingly. Kafri Drive reserves the right to change the itineraries following the guide’s decision and/or due to constraints and instructions: light hours, weather, vehicle malfunctions, blocked / dangerous roads, local instructions, etc. .



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