Motorcycle Trip In Morocco

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Moroccan fantasy – a new and exciting experience by Kafri Drive!

Morocco is a beautiful and fascinating country located in the north of the African continent. Arabic speakers call it “al-Maghreb al-Aqsa” – “the land at the western end”, which has been used for centuries as a bridge between the continents of Europe and Africa. The country combines mysticism, art, and rich culture. The country stretches from the warm shores of the Mediterranean Sea through the hot deserts of the Sahara to the high-altitude Atlas Mountains. The colorful markets, the fascinating archeological sites, the unique history, and the atmosphere as if taken from fairy tales make Morocco an exotic and mysterious country that attracts many tourists.

A motorcycle trip in Morocco will make all your senses sharpen – an exciting experience of sights, colors, smells, and tastes!

On the trip we will visit:

Casablanca – Hassan II Mosque plaza, Nations plaza Market

Rabat – The mausoleum of Muhammad V and the column Hassan, the palace plaza, and Casbat al-Udiya.

Shipshuan – the blue city

Pez – the Jewish Quarter, the Maimonides House, the King’s Palace

Midlat – a stopover in the Osama Casbah on our way to Marzouga

Marzouga – ascent on foot to the golden hills in Marzouga – and watch the sunrise.

Nahal Tudra Canyon – entrance to one of the wonders of nature.

Varzat – a visit to the great desert city – through 1000 kasbahs and an eagle casbah in one.

Marrakech – A tour of the city of Katubia, the Jewish saltworks Menara pool, the Jewish synagogue, Jamaa El Pana Square, the spice and natural medicine store, a jeep day in Eureka and the High Atlas Mountains, a barbaric folklore evening.

Our motorcycle fleet includes models that are suitable for every rider – a variety of BMW, KTM, YAMAHA, and HARLEY DAVIDSON models for you to choose from. The route we have created especially for you is suitable for all levels of riding so that both beginner and veteran riders can enjoy it. In short, you do not have to do anything – just open your eyes and enjoy the experience.

A motorcycle adventure with Kafri Drive is the best way to discover one of the most authentic and beautiful countries in the world.

Come ride with us!


Day 1 – Casablanca

We will start the first day of the trip in Casablanca – and go on a tour of the city. We will visit the great mosque named after King Hassan II, we will visit the Square of the Nations, in the evening we will go to the promenade and entertainment area of ​​Casablanca Ein Dave. We will end the day at a pampering hotel in the city.


Day 2 – Casablanca – Rabat – Tangier

After breakfast, we will get on the motorbikes and ride north on the coastal road along the Atlantic Sea until we reach Rabat, the capital city. We will tour the city to see all of it’s beautiful and important sites: the King’s Palace plaza, the National Mausoleum, Odia Fortress, a walking tour of the fortress alleys, riding the wide boulevards. We will continue riding north along the Atlantic Ocean, crossing the coastal towns of Mulai in Islam, to Racha until we reach the port city of Tangier.


Day 3 – Tangier-Shpshuan

After breakfast, we will take a beautiful tour of the city and go for a ride east to the unique and picturesque town of Pashwan, the capital of the Reef Mountains. We will arrive in the afternoon and go on a tour of the bright and blue-white alleys that gave the blue city its beauty. In the evening we will go to the Castle Plaza surrounded by cafes and restaurants. We will stay in Shepshuan.


Day 4 – Shepshuan – Fez

In the morning we will head south towards the big and special city of Fez. We will reach the town of Mulai Yaakov the Barbarian and the spa and spa sites. Depending on the time of arrival we may be able to bathe in one of the popular baths. We will continue to the city of Fez where we will stay.


Day 5 – Fez – Medal

After a tour of the city, we will leave the special strip and leave early through the barbarian village of Bhalil which means “the magic of the night”. Some of the village houses are built inside a cave and are located next to ordinary houses. The people work in the streets with simple handicrafts mainly in the production of the jelba – the buttons and the production of silk threads. From there we will continue south through the cedar forests of Michalipan in the Middle Atlas to visit the city of Ifrane also known as the “Switzerland of Morocco ” which is reminiscent of cities in Europe. We will continue through the desert to the town of Midlat, where we will stay.


Day 6 – Midlat – Marzouga
After breakfast vows towards Marzouga, we will cross the towns of Rish, Rashdia, Arpod, enjoying the views of the Ziz river channels and the many reservoirs that will accompany us along the way. At the end of the day we will reach the desert city of Marzouga located in the heart of the oasis of Tefilat, bordering Algeria, look out over the beautiful sunset in the sun setting on the golden hills of Marzouga and be in the center of the Sahara for all its crazy and quiet beauty.


Day 7 – Marzouga Dunes – Tudra Valley

Early in the morning, we will head west along the Sahara Desert on the southern slopes of the Atlas Mountains to the spectacular Tudra Canyon through the Thousand Kasbahs. The road is named after the amount of Casbahs that can be seen along the way.


Day 8 – Tudra Valley – Tinerir-Kala El Maguna – Varzat
After breakfast, we will continue west in the Sahara Desert, on the way to the 1000 Casbahs. We will cross Tinerir, from where many Jews came to Israel. We will cross the Dadès Valley and admire the special sights of the haunted houses. We will arrive in the evening in the desert city of Varazazat, the film capital of Morocco. We will cross the light city to Maguna which is known for the many rose flowers it has including the Persian rose. We will rest and enjoy the many rose flower industry and trading houses. In the evening we will reach the large and developing desert city and Arzazat where we will stay.


Day 9 – Varzat – Casbat – Eagle in his nest – Tichka Pass – Marrakech
In the morning we will set out for the It Binaido Casbah, which is considered the most spectacular and impressive casbah in Morocco and has been recognized by UNESCO as a conservation site – many films were shot in this casbah – The Ten Commandments, Gladiator, Lawrence of Arabia and more. We will ride the main and high pass of the Atlas Mountains slowly and carefully, we will cross the amazing Atlas Mountains at the Tichka Pass, one of the two existing passes, climb up to an altitude of c. 2500 m and descend the northern slopes of the Atlas Mountains.

Price includes Tourist bus for transfers on the first and last day Motorcycle High-class countryside hotels with double rooms. Breakfast + DinnerEntrance fee to all the sites on the trip Kafri Drive professional tour guide A logistics truck will accompany the trip
Price does not include Medical insurance and cargo insurance “Extreme” insurance – mandatory! personal expenses, lunch, drinks at lunch and dinner Payment for possible damage to the vehicle if it occurs There is an option to purchase damage insurance for 30€ per day, per vehicle for the entire trip (excluding tires) Fuel expenses throughout the trip (about €20 per day per vehicle)
Motorcycle Insurance It is possible to purchase motorcycle damage insurance at a cost of 20 euros per day. In this case, the maximum deductible for damage to the motorcycle is 1000 euros (relevant to all motorcycle types).
General terms and insurance It is possible to purchase damage insurance for 30€ per day, payment is made to the rental company in Greece. In this case, the maximum deductible cost for damage to the vehicle will be 1000 €. It is mandatory to have and bring with you a passport valid for at least six months (from the date of departure from the country). It is mandatory to purchase medical insurance and cargo insurance It is recommended to book the insurance, according to the dates of the trip, on the day of the booking, to ensure cancellation of participation for recognized reasons in the insurance. A minimum of 12 riders is required for the trip to take place. Payment can be done by cash or by credit card in shekels according to the highest check rate on the day of booking.
Cancellation policy Our company does everything to ensure that you will get a unique and unforgettable experience warm personal treatment, and quality guidance, however, our company reserves the right to make changes to the itineraries and details below as needed due to availability, weather conditions, and other changes that are beyond our control such as weather conditions, malfunctions, and instructions from the Greek authorities, etc. Cancellation fees -14 days from the date of booking – following the Consumer Protection Law. Up to 30 workdays before departure, the entire amount will be refunded except for the deposit paid to suppliers that will not be refunded(Visa payment, flights, down payment for rented vehicles, down payment for hotels, transfer fees, etc.) 20 to 10 working days before the departure date, a refund of 50% of the trip price if any were paid during this period (Visa payment, flights, down payment for rented vehicles, down payment for hotels, transfer fees, etc.) This amount will be deducted from the refund. Cancellation of a trip less than 10 working days before leaving for the trip – no refund! Refunds for the cancellation of a trip will be made within 60 working days from the date of receipt of the written notice of cancellation.
Meals Breakfast will be served at the hotel. Lunch – depending on the route and the weather. Some lunches will be served as a picnic and some in local taverns.*Lunch not included in the price of the trip Dinners – Most dinners will be in restaurants with an emphasis on a varied menu in each restaurant
COVID-19 Regulations Please make sure to check Covid-19 restrictions in your country
Equipment It is recommended to bring your own riding gear – a full-face helmet, jacket, gloves, and shoes. Waterproof gear is highly recommended.
The route The route of the trip on the first and last day depends on the flight hours, arrival in the destination country, and departure time accordingly. Kafri Drive reserves the right to change the itineraries following the guide’s decision and/or due to constraints and instructions: light hours, weather, vehicle malfunctions, blocked / dangerous roads, local instructions,


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